Digital coaching made human.

Twiik brings the coach and the client closer than ever. The app connects professional coaches, trainers, gyms and fitness influencers with clients looking for the perfect workout, plan course or fitness challenge.


What’s Twiik?

The Twiik app is a exercise diary where you log your workouts and follow your friends’ progress as well as one of the markets best market places for online coaching within anything from running, weightloss and weightlifting to body weight training, agility and stress resilience.

Why it works?

People follow people. Twiik is built on the idea to use technology to boost, not replace, the relationship between coaches and clients giving the coach the tools to lead more people and of course making coaching more affordable and accessible to the masses.

How it works?

Clients can follow their favorit coachers, gyms or find the perfect plan or workout directly in the Twiik app- the sam place where they can get a total overviewed of their training, regardless wether its recorded manually in the Twiik app or automatically in Runkeeper, Google Fit, Apple HealthKit or other service.

Coaches, influencers and Gyms can access the Twiik coaching tool to create advanced plans and workouts with video instructions , timers and scheduling and of course keep eye on and communicate directly with their clients .

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